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Uniform Policy
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Saturday, July 16, 2016
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Uniform Policy



Bottom- Navy pants and/or knee length shorts

Tops- Light blue oxford button down shirt or light blue polo shirt with collar



Bottom- Navy or plaid (#76) skirts and/or jumpers. Pants, knee length shorts

Tops-Light blue oxford or peter pan button down blouse or light blue polo shirt with collar


School Spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays Only


Shoes - Solid black tennis shoes with black shoe strings.

No colored trim, accents/emblems or flashing lights. Baby doll shoes and boots are not allowed.


Socks - Navy blue or white crew socks must be worn.

Ankle socks, no-show socks, and colored socks are not allowed.


Tights - Black or navy blue tights with stocking feet may be worn.

No leggings (without feet) may be worn.


Belts – black belt.

If pants, shorts, or skirt has belt loops, a belt must be worn.


Outerwear - In cooler weather, navy sweaters, navy sweatshirts and/or navy jackets may be worn. Students may not wear starter jackets or any other outerwear with logos, names, or other ornamentation. Hoods must be removed upon entering the building.


Accessories - Hats and caps are not allowed at Ella Grant Elementary School with the exception of caps worn for warmth in the winter.

Caps must be removed upon entering the building.


Jewelry - Stud or flat earrings only.

Hoop/large earrings that extend beyond the earlobe are not allowed.


Hair – unnatural colored hair and/or hair extensions should not be worn.

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